Chris Kwan

  • Former Tribunal member in Redress (WA) and dual qualified lawyer in Australia and Malaysia with over 15 years legal experience across IP, corporate, litigation, advocacy, negotiation with added skills in cybersecurity and governance. Currently working on litigation proof security breaches and licensing technology for NFTs. He has a total of 26 years experience across law, banking, startups, and executive leadership roles. Founded 2 startups and was Executive Director of a mining company.
  • Litigation experience in high profile courts – Federal Court, NSW Supreme Court, High Court of Malaysia. Recent cases in IP, bankruptcy, property disputes. Continued success with IP prosecution – awarded 10 US patents over the years in fintech. His most well-known US Patent relates to using Prepaid Cards for Peer to Peer Transfer (US 8,650,126) and a Loan Syndication System (US 7,493,279) In Australia he designed the first online functioning online property auction to settlement system and invented carbon credit options (# 2006100751)
  • Recent legal work highlights: bankruptcy and lease disputes in Australian courts, carbon credit projects in Malaysia, syndicating carbon credits in Australia.
  • Chris Kwan graduated from Macquarie University and Sydney University with masters in Applied Finance and Environmental Law.
  • In summary, he possessed multidisciplinary skillset – law, technology, finance, mining, startups, policy. valuable blend of legal expertise and business/technical acumen and demonstrated leadership experience – headed legal teams, negotiated with governments, managed staff.

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