About Us

Our Team

TAKADA Asset Management is a financial services company comprising a multinational, multidisciplinary team of dedicated professionals whose  reservoir of knowledge traverses a broad range of sectors including investment funds, asset management, energy and natural resources, accounting and auditing, information technology, marketing and distribution, and law, regulation and compliance. The members of our multilingual team have worked in various countries and cities around the world including United States, China, Japan, Mongolia, Mexico, India, Malta, Bermuda, London, New York, Dublin and Dubai, an experience which has sensitised us to a broad range of cultural nuance, enhancing our ability to interact and integrate with persons from a diversity of backgrounds and to partake in the negotiation of complex, challenging cross-national transactions. Harnessing our accumulated knowledge, skills, expertise and international experience we seek to develop imaginative and creative solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.


Our Services

Our dominant focus is on the investments funds and asset management sectors. We advise on the design, authorization, and migration of different fund types including private equity funds, hedge funds, venture capital, loan funds, commodities funds and debt and equity funds. We provide fund managers with investment portfolio management and risk diversification services. We advise on derivative products and prime brokerage arrangements for funds and prime brokers. Supported by a legal, regulatory and compliance team, we offer the service of drafting and negotiation of all types of fund documentation. We further provide advice on legal, operational, administration and compliance and tax issues relevant to funds. Outside of the funds industry, our services include advising on project and infrastructure finance, energy and natural resources, aircraft financing, commercial contracts, business development and marketing, IT solutions, bank risk management, Basel II and III Capital and Liquidity rules, AML Compliance and Resolution and Recovery Planning.