Anoop Kumar

  • Anoop Kumar is a highly accomplished professional with a remarkable career in computer science and finance. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science (MScs) from Iqra University Karachi, which laid the foundation for his successful journey in the financial industry.
  • From 2012 to December 2016, Anoop served as the Founder Director and CEO of Sapphire Commodities Pvt. Ltd, a leading brokerage house ranked among the top 10 on the Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX). Under his guidance, Sapphire Commodities experienced substantial growth and expanded its market presence. Anoop’s strAategic initiatives optimized trading activities, maximized profitability, and effectively mitigated market risks. He also excelled in business development, identifying new market opportunities and securing profitable partnerships.
  • In 2017, Anoop Kumar embraced the world of technology in the financial sector and assumed the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at a boutique financial firm in New Zealand. During his tenure, he made significant contributions to the firm’s technology infrastructure, enhancing operational efficiency through innovative solutions.
  • Since 2019, Anoop has been associated with Takada Asset Management as their CTO. His leadership and vision have been pivotal in driving technological innovation within the firm. Anoop’s strategic use of technology has enabled Takada Asset Management to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving financial landscape and provide exceptional client services.
  • Throughout his career, Anoop Kumar has demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities and a keen business acumen. His passion for leveraging technology to streamline processes and enhance customer experiences has made him a valued asset in the financial industry.
  • Anoop’s dedication to excellence and his ability to bridge the worlds of computer science and finance continue to make a meaningful impact. His reputation as a reliable and client-focused professional has earned him a place among the industry’s most respected experts. Anoop strives to create value and opportunities for investors and businesses, driving growth and success in the financial sector.

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