Thomas Daly Regional Officer, Europe

Mr. Thomas Daly is Founder & Director of TAKADA Asset Management.  Born in England and having commenced academic studies there in law, he went on to complete those studies at Griffith College in Dublin, Ireland and graduated with an LL.B (Hons). He later earned an LL.M from Trinity College, (University of Dublin). He subsequently sojourned in the United States during which time he attended the prestigious Fordham University School of Law in New York graduating magna cum laude with an LL.M in International Business and Trade Law. He was admitted as an attorney by the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of New York and continues as an attorney in good standing in that jurisdiction.

Whilst residing in the United States, he worked as a Foreign Associate at a bilingual immigration law firm in New York City, putting to good use his legal and Spanish-speaking skills. Mr. Daly’s keen interest in natural justice led him to work in Ireland as a volunteer with the Irish chapter of the Innocence Project.

Mr. Daly has a background working in public administration having worked at a managerial level for governmental and public bodies in Ireland and more recently as a key player in the contracts and compliance division of a public body entrusted with rolling out a critical piece of national infrastructure.

 Mr. Daly has always had an interest in international finance and branched out in recent years to gain experience working with a portfolio of international clients for an offshore financial services provider specialising in savings products. He achieved an increase in the number of clients for the company, exponentially augmenting its deposit base.

Apart from living in England in his early years, Mr. Daly has lived in Spain, Ireland, the U.S. and, more recently, in Malta. He has recently taken up residence again in Ireland where he is a partner in a law practice focused on corporate law.


Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Dublin, Ireland (Irish Government Ministry), Higher Executive Officer

Contract and Compliance, National Broadband Plan (NBP) team, 2017 – current

  • Collaborate in the monitoring and enforcement of Bidder compliance during the procurement process including the review of relevant submissions from Bidders and preparation of draft responses;
  • Collaborate in the development and review of the draft NBP Contract and associated highly confidential documentation;
  • Member of NBP evaluation team at critical phases of procurement process;
  • Prepare memos for Government and draft legislation on matters related to the NBP;
  • Liaise and work with civil servants, external consultants and advisors

Vivier & Co, Auckland, New Zealand Relationship Manager, Western Europe (remote working from 2014 –2017)

  • Key player in business acquiring new clients and retaining current ones.
  • First port of call when reviewing client account applications in respect of AML/KYC.
  • Supervision of company representatives and advising other senior management on marketing strategy.
  • Spearheaded individualized approach in company’s customer relations policy.

Valuation Tribunal, Dublin, Ireland (Quasi-judicial Government body that hears appeals from commercial property tax payers against valuations of their properties)

Assistant Registrar

2011 – 2016

  • Responsible for processing of appeal hearings, ensuring compliance with strict statutory provisions.
  • Made significant contribution to a landmark piece of legislation passing through Parliament and affecting the appeal process, the functions of the Tribunal and the statutory independence thereof, securing important changes.
  • Instigated clearing of legacy backlog, proactively achieving this via the introduction of refined work practices.
  • Built and maintained effective, open lines of communication with appellants, respondent, team and Members.
  • Freedom of Information (FOI) officer, responsible for Tribunal’s obligations under FOI Act.

Valuation Office, Dublin, Ireland (Government agency for assessing valuation of commercial properties for property tax ends)

Accounts Manager

2010 – 2011

  • Delivered on-time payment of creditors’ invoices and authorized seamless payment of salaries to 140+ employees.
  • Introduced reconciliation of organization’s bank accounts, previously not done.
  • Addressed irregular payments to (Irish) Inland Revenue Department, recouping overpayments.
  • Contributed to overhaul of compilation of financial reports to senior management, auditors and Department of Finance.

Arrufat Gracia PLLC, New York, USA (bilingual law firm specializing in immigration law)

Foreign Legal Associate

2009 – 2010

  • Reviewed and completed visa and citizenship applications in Spanish and English.
  • Successfully liaised with immigration officials on behalf of clients.
  • Made recommendations to supervising attorneys that were pursued.
  • Drafted immigration appeals and other briefs and memos.

Houses of the Oireachtas, Dublin, Ireland (National Parliament of Ireland)

Senior Clerk (Corporate Services Directorate)

2005 – 2008

  • Drafted briefs on contractual issues related to public tender of services to Parliament and reviewed such contracts.
  • Drafted briefing documents for management/staff working group on various internal working practices matters.
  • Reviewed Freedom of Information Act (FOI) and public ethics legislation for the Parliamentary Legal Service and senior management, submitting commentary and suggestions on necessary amendments.
  • Researched for and submitted reports to senior management on miscellaneous internal affairs.

Houses of the Oireachtas Dublin, Ireland (National Parliament of Ireland)

Junior Clerk (Parliamentary Questions Office)

2001 – 2005

  • Managed staff of four in handling high volume of Parliamentary Questions (“PQs”) from MPs for remittance to Government departments.
  • Reviewed, edited and rewrote PQs to render them comprehensible and compliant with editing guidelines.
  • Applied systems to guarantee quality assurance of PQs for dissemination in official record of Parliamentary debates and on official website, ensuring compliance with internal regulations on form, content, and time limits.

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