Tan Ze Boon

  • Designed and built water and wastewater treatment for various industries, including food industry, chicken farm waste, steel processing wastewater, glove industry, oil & gas industry (machinery washing wastewater), etc.
  • Consultancy work for water & wastewater treatment system and waste management for semi-conductor industry (water and wastewater), Aircraft part repair (waste management), etc. Conduct
  • Tan Ze Boon graduated with a Degree in Chemical Engineering, having been in the water and wastewater treatment industry since 2005, involving engineering design, operation and maintenance and consultancy work for water, wastewater treatment industry as well as other waste management including waste-to-energy projects.
  • Trained courses on wastewater treatment technologies and design.
  • Established, trained and lead engineering team of engineers and draughts persons.
  • Obtained several specialist qualifications.

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