Oscar Mendoza

General Manager

Mr. Oscar Mendoza is Founder & Director of TAKADA Asset Management. Mr. Mendoza is a Graduate of The University of North Texas in the United States where he completed his undergraduate degree with Honors in Political Science and Finance. After five years of work experience in the U.S., Mr. Mendoza moved to Japan where he obtained his MBA at the International University of Japan. He graduated as Salutatorian for his class while completing full course requirements in four distinct concentration areas.

Mr. Mendoza has vast Investment Banking experience having worked in London, Tokyo, Johannesburg, and Ulaanbaatar in various investment and research functions. He actively led and successfully closed several financing transactions in ECM and has facilitated and structured several tailored investment banking transactions within DCM scope for companies listed in the London Stock Exchange and in the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Mr. Mendoza is frequently invited as guest speaker for various panel discussions and conferences. He is a recurrent editorial expert for several Asian Newspapers and Television Shows where his area of expertise and advice are publicly revealed. Mr. Mendoza is also board member of various private and publicly listed companies and has provided a couple of finance related lectures to graduate students at several universities.





  • Formulated an overall strategy for successfully shifting the operations and focus of the company from a Coal mine enterprise to a power generation and power distribution entity.
  • Worked with KPMG London office, Mining & Energy division, led by Ajay Saldanha, to finalize the new corporate strategy for board approval and implementation.
  • Assisted with the development of the MD&A (Management Discussion & Analysis) reports for compliance with London listing requirements given the new changes in corporate strategy.
  • Led the working committee responsible for the Coal Supply Agreement (CSA) between the mining entity (Ncondezi Limitada) and the newly established Power Company (Ncondezi Energy).
  • Prepared the CSA as solid document that would pass all checkmarks with the banker’s due diligence as a 25 year off-take agreement with delivery schedules, change of ownership points, coal quality & specifications, financing arrangements and legal clause alignment with the PPA, PCA, and the Insurance & Force Majeure clauses.
  • Co-Led the working group alongside Chris Schutte for the Operations & Maintenance (O&M) RFP as well as the finalized O&M contract which included the scope of work and responsibilities for the O&M operator.
  • Worked on the Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC) contracts and assisted with the selection process.
  • Prepared the Fuel Supply Agreement (FSA) and the Limestone Supply Agreement (LSA) for the company’s management and made sure the documents would pass through due diligence reviews.
  • Represented the company in negotiations with the local government as well as the national government for the various permits and licenses required to advance the project.
  • Led the Project Risk Evaluation & Management Team.



  • Assisted with the development of a Proprietary Investment Fund focused on Metals & Mininng sector..
  • Created Analyst Reports for Mongolian companies, particularly in the Mining Sector and Industrial Sector.
  • Worked in conjunction with the Trade and Development Bank for a $50 million USD Credit Linked Note with commodity backed collateral.
  • Received exclusive mandate to perform several equity private placements within the Mongolian Stock Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange.
  • Advised various companies across different sectors and development stages on debt and equity financing to optimize capital structure.
  • Provided two Canadian junior mining firms with consulting services regarding compliance with Financial Regulatory Commission of Mongolia (FRC) in order to synergize the companies home compliance requirements with Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).
  • Successfully placed several follow on offerings with green-shoe clause and helped maintain stability price levels.
  • Presented consultancy services on credit issues, such as Commercial Properties Loan, to the client from small and medium-sized companies.
  • Provided mining companies with credit recommendations, credit reports, and financial stability findings.
  • Directly responsible for the launch of new investment banking products and initiatives including private equity placements, pre-IPO allocation and valuation, company credit risk profiles, and various advisory services..
  • Worked closely with private equity funds, mining funds, financial services, food & beverage companies, and supply chain firms as well as construction assets.
  • Actively raised funds for various Greenfield and Brownfield projects.
  • Led M&A initiatives, portfolio sales and company/asset divestitures.
  • Co-Lead the Shenhua acquisition of a majority stake in Mongol Metal Mining’s iron ore deposit in the Northern Region of Mongolia.



  • Improved TSX listed mining company’s financial operations and performance, turning the operations into cash flow positive for the first time in the company’s 5 year history in Mongolia
  • Responsible for cost effective and smooth running of the mining operations in Mongolia.
  • Streamlined the procurement department in compliance with PMI and ISO standards with a complete revamp of the old procurement operating procedures.
  • Presented to board members an estimate of capital needed during the next fiscal year for the support and implementation of various programs; recommended adjustments and verified budgets from all departments.
  • Researched and reported on credit issues concerning fund raising possibilities for various projects.
  • Assisted in the development of institutional revenue bonding proposals for facilities construction; a sinking fund and helped close the Waterton $10 million USD Debt Instrument for aTSX listed mining company.
  • Followed the Production Management/ Maintenance Management Methodology and contributed to the continuous improvement of that methodology.
  • Provided Vancouver Office with latest status communication, process checks and best practices.
  • Directed and managed the overall and day-to-day technical and production aspects of mining project.
  • Prepared multiple drafts of news releases for circulation to the board ahead of submission to the TSX market, upon approval from a Qualified Person, as that term is defined under NI 43-101.
  • Collaborated with Ernst & Young for the annual audit of Prophecy Coal and assisted with the explanation and review of the consolidated financial statements for all subsidiaries while reporting under GAAP.
  • Merged and Implemented TSX mining company’s vision and values along with Leighton Asia’s International Mining Standards and Logistics Best Practices during the development and expansion of the principal mine pit.
  • Was directly responsible for a quarter to quarter production increase of +10%, with equipment Utilization increasing +20% and fuel expenditure (and loss) decreasing 15% from previous quarter usage rates.
  • In charge of ensuring each stage of coal deliveries– via rail , truck freight cargo, and mines site conveyor belt.
  • Responsible for the ongoing review of the logistics process, ensuring that it was advancing on time, within budget and with appropriate quality standards.
  • Frequently visited the main customers, particularly Darkhan & Erdenet Power Plants, and Hutul and Erel cement plants. These 4 companies accounted for roughly 70 % of sales of extracted coal from the Ulaan Ovoo mine.
  • Developed and fostered the key business relationships and identified the main needs of these customers, increasing sales by more than 20 % over the course of the calendar year.
  • Addressed the issue of theft and loss with regards to coal and diesel. Identified the problem and implemented a couple of very successful solutions.
  • Ensured the proper functioning of administrative procedures and logistics center office.
  • Responsible for the active management of subcontractors to ensure they are carried out in line with contractual agreements, particularly subcontractors in charge of coal transportation and freight delivery.
  • Verify compliance with all controls and documentation required by law.
  • Control and optimize the coal purchase and sell cycle .
  • Procedures and practices were left in place in order for leaner & more efficient mineral extraction and logistic opportunities to be realized whilst overall standards in Safety & Environmental compliance were optimized.
  • Supervised the Ground Works, Waste removal, Mine Pit Optimization, Camp layout design and operation, Gradient Profiling, Passways, Drainage lanes, etc for both the mine pit area and the mine site.
  • Liaison with Mongolian government ministries as well as liaison with any potential JV partners.



  • Established & managed the new operations for an exploration entity in Mongolia.
  • Successfully converted an exploration license into a mining license and provided Vancouver with monthly reporting as well as preparation of exploration budgets and reconciliation of expenditure against budget.
  • Supervised and reported to Vancouver on all technical input into exploration on possible JV licenses in Mongolia
  • Was directly responsible for all license applications and renewals as well as compilation of bi-annual and annual license reports for the Ministry of Mineral Resources.
  • Reduced exploration and drilling costs by $350,000 in 2012, based on allocated budget estimates by creating an RFP for the drilling contracts via bid submission (not customary in Mongolia, but effective in Latin America).
  • Studied drilling efficiencies & delays and hired Kravits Geological Services as responsible for mine supervision and increased productivity by more than 50%.

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