IT Solutions
Comprehensive IT Solutions for a Connected Tomorrow   TAKADA has made strategic investments in and formed partnerships with innovative IT ventures, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance efficiency and foster growth across various industries.     Our IT Services: Green Tech and AI Technologies: Investing in companies specializing in green tech and AI, exploring opportunities to
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Business Development
Driving Business Growth through Strategic Business Development   At Takada Asset Management, we excel in business development, driving growth through strategic planning, effective marketing, and client relationship management. Our commitment to producing tangible results aligns with your growth projections, ensuring that your business thrives in today’s competitive landscape.   Our Business Development Approach: Comprehensive Marketing
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Legal Services
Navigating Legal Frontiers: Your Trusted Legal Partner   Takada Asset Management’s Legal Services division is your comprehensive solution for a wide range of legal needs. With a team of experienced legal experts, we specialize in Aviation Law, Commercial Law, and IP & IT Law. Our commitment is to provide you with tailored legal strategies that
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Energy (Oil & Gas)
Powering Your Energy Ventures: Unleashing Potential in Oil & Gas   Takada Asset Management’s Energy (Oil & Gas) division is your strategic partner in navigating the complex and dynamic landscape of energy projects. With an in-depth understanding of the industry, our expert team is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive solutions that encompass development, finance,
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Regulation & Compliance
Navigating Regulatory Waters: Your Compliance Partner     At Takada Asset Management (TAM), we understand that in today’s intricate financial landscape, a robust compliance program is not just a necessity – it’s a strategic advantage. Our Regulation & Compliance division is dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of advisory services tailored to offshore domiciled, corporate,
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Mining Debt and equity financing. Researching and reporting on credit issues concerning fund raising possibilities for various projects. Permits, licences and regulatory compliance. Directing and managing the overall and day-to-day technical and production aspects of mining projects. Mine closures, decommissioning and reclamation. Mergers, acquisitions and reverse take-overs. Stock exchange listings
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Corporate M&A
Corporate M&A CORPORATE Equity Capital Markets Corporate migrations and demergers Private Equity and Venture Capital Company Compliance and Corporate Governance   M&A Due diligence review and reporting Mergers and consolidations Private placements Public and private acquisitions and disposals Schemes of arrangement Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances and other Collaborative Structures Takeovers Start-Up Companies
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Fund Service
Fund Service Establishing all kinds of investment funds and advising on fund structures including FinTech funds, Infrastructure funds, mutual funds, EFTs, real estate funds, Shariah-compliant funds, Sovereign wealth funds, EU regulated funds. Advising on redomiciliations, mergers and conversions. Advising on day-to-day legal, operational, administration and compliance. Advising on derivative products and prime brokerage arrangements. Advising
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Bio Environment & Sustainable Energy
Bio Environment & Sustainable Energy Carbon Credits Trading: We actively engage in the purchase and sale of carbon credits, which serve as crucial tools in the fight against climate change. Through strategic partnerships and sustainable initiatives, we acquire and trade these credits, supporting environmentally friendly projects while fostering economic growth. Renewable Energy Ventures: Our commitment to sustainability
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