• Debt and equity financing.
  • Researching and reporting on credit issues concerning fund raising possibilities for various projects.
  • Permits, licences and regulatory compliance.
  • Directing and managing the overall and day-to-day technical and production aspects of mining projects.
  • Mine closures, decommissioning and reclamation.
  • Mergers, acquisitions and reverse take-overs.
  • Stock exchange listings

Meet The Team

The mining advisory function is headed up by Oscar Mendoza who has vast experience in the financing, operation and exploration of mines. Mr. Mendoza is familiar in particular with the challenges facing investors investing in mining projects in emerging countries.

Jamie Stevenson

Regional Director, Asia Read More

Oscar Mendoza

General Manager Read More

Vivek Kumar

Financial Controller Read More


  • Assisted with the development of a Proprietary Investment Fund focused on Metals & Mining sector.
  • Created Analyst Reports for Mongolian companies, particularly in the Mining Sector and Industrial Sector.
  • Worked in conjunction with the Trade and Development Bank for a $50 million USD Credit Linked Note with commodity
    backed collateral.
  • Received exclusive mandate to perform several equity private placements within the Mongolian Stock Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange.
  • Provided two Canadian junior mining firms with consulting services regarding compliance with Financial Regulatory Commission of Mongolia.
  • Actively raised funds for various Greenfield and Brownfield projects.
  • Co-Lead the Shenhua acquisition of a majority stake in Mongol Metal Mining’s iron ore deposit in the Northern Region of Mongolia.