Legal Services


    • Aircraft Financing  & Acquisition
    • Aircraft Leasing
    • Aircraft  Registration and Ancillary Corporate Services
    • Airline Contracts


    • Sales & Marketing Agreements
    • Commercial & Business Agreements
    • Company-related Agreements


  • IP & IT LAW
    • IP  Licences and Sales
    • Website Terms and  Conditions
    • Website Design and Hosting
    • Documents for IT Businesses.


Meet The Team

Our legal team comprises two lawyers: JM Donnelly and Thomas Daly. JM Donnelly is an Irish trained lawyer with specialisms in aviation law, commercial law, contract law, funds law and international probate law. Thomas Daly is a US trained lawyer (New York Bar) with expertise in immigration law, aviation law, M&A, Insolvency & Corporate Recovery, IP Law and Commercial Law.

Thomas Daly

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