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Oscar Mendoza
Founder & Director, TAKADA Asset Management
  • Establishing all kinds of investment funds and advising on fund structures including FinTech funds, Infrastructure funds, mutual funds, EFTs, real estate funds, Shariah-compliant funds, Sovereign wealth funds, EU regulated funds.
  • Advising on redomiciliations, mergers and conversions.
  • Advising on day-to-day legal, operational, administration and compliance.
  • Advising on derivative products and prime brokerage arrangements.
  • Advising investment managers, fund administrators and custodians.
  • Advising on registration of funds outside of the EU and the United States.
  • Advising on cross border financial services within the European Union.
  • Advising on anti-money laundering issues, compliance procedures and corporate governance.
  • Advising on investor compensation issues.
  • Advising on listing services for investment funds.

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